Paraffin Isomerization

Z-700A is used in refineries and petrochemical complexes where the isomerization of pentane and hexane is required to produce a high-octane gasoline blending component.  Performance tests of Z-700A have demonstrated its resilience to sulphur poisoning and successful recovery from such incidents. Z-700A can be used in all reactor types utilised for this process: classical fixed bed reactors, radial flow reactors, etc.



Athos-1 is a new pentane/hexane isomerization catalyst based on Shell Hysomer Process catalyst technology that builds on the commercially proven benefits of the Criterion paraffin isomerization catalyst Z-700A.  Athos-1 offers significant operational and commercial advantages compared with previous paraffin isomerization catalysts and has been specifically designed for the isomerization of pentane and hexane to high-octane-number branched-chain hydrocarbons.