Specialty Catalysts

Specialty Catalysts
Zeolyst International has a specialty catalyst portfolio of products that includes a wide range of catalysts used in the production of paraxylene and benzene. Coupled with a wide range of optimization services with its partners, Zeolyst has been extremely successful in assisting numerous plants to maximize returns from existing equipment – reacting successfully to the market fluctuations for paraxylene, benzene and toluene.

Zeolyst’s successful track record in helping plants achieve step changes in profitability has established its reputation firmly as an Aromatics technology partner to several companies among the largest paraxylene producers globally.

Our Mission:
Help deliver improved economics to customers through the superior performance of its catalysts with unique advantages of Zeolyst technology & achieve this via optimum use of the catalyst and plant.


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Transalkylation, Ethylbenzene reforming type and Ethylbenzene dealkylation type.

Aromatics Hydrocarbons processing

Used to improve cold flow properties of diesel fuels and lube oils by selective hydroisomerization/ hydrocracking of normal and slightly branched paraffins.


Z-700A is used in refineries and petrochemical complexes where the isomerization of pentane and hexane is required to produce a high-octane gasoline blending component.

Paraffin Isomerization