R & D

Fully equipped with three R&D Centers of excellence
For a zeolite supplier, research and development is the vital link to the twenty-first century. In addition to bringing new products to market, R&D brings the customer and supplier closer together in a partnership that defines the required zeolite, produces a prototype for testing, and develops a manufacturing scheme for the material of choice.

Zeolyst International has made a major commitment to R&D with three fully equipped centers of excellence, each dedicated to a specific research area.

  • Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    • Fundamental and exploratory investigations
    • Development of catalysts and detailed catalytic performance testing of materials
  • PQ Corporation Research and Development Center (near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
    • Research on materials modification, scale-up, and new applications
  • Shell Technology Center Houston (near Houston, Texas, USA)
    • Development of catalysts and performance of detailed catalytic testing on materials

We also operate a fully equipped pilot plant located at PQ's R&D Center. This facility has manufacturing scale-up equipment, and extrusion and spray drying capabilities for producing formed zeolite products. In addition to being used for commercial scale-up activities and manufacturing studies, the pilot plant is used to produce test quantities of powders and formed products for customer evaluation.