The best of both worlds

Are you a research institute or other organisation that wants to commercialise a new catalyst? Do you have a catalyst patent but lack the expertise and experience to commercialise the product?

Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts, a division of Zeolyst International, can help you to promote your technology to the rest of the world. We are continually looking for new partners to bring new, technically superior zeolite catalysts to market.

The Best of Both Worlds
Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts combines the product development and manufacturing expertise of zeolites and catalysts from its partners, PQ Corporation and the Shell Global Solutions affiliate CRI/Criterion Inc., into a single source that can handle the entire development and commercialisation of zeolite catalysts.

Our potential partners will benefit from PQ's long history in producing zeolite powder. The company keeps up to date on the latest developments in zeolites. Catalyst manufacturing technology and marketing support comes from CRI/Criterion.

It is through this exclusive position within the Zeolyst partnership, that Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts can offer a unique value proposition that complements potential partners wishing to develop, produce and commercialise their zeolite catalysts.

Our reputation for being a trustworthy partner in developing and producing fit-for-purpose and robust catalysts has already resulted in successful alliances. The Oparis™ catalyst has been brought to market through working in close cooperation with IFP/Axens, and, by collaborating with SK Energy, we have developed and commercialised the ATA catalyst series.

The Best of Both Worlds
Once fundamental catalyst research and development has resulted in a new breakthrough catalyst technology, Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts offers the following steps for commercialising your product:

  • marketing;
  • sales;
  • production and supply chain;
  • after sales customer service and onsite technical support; and
  • customer feedback to support the development of better generations or new zeolite catalysts.

Through this business model, Zeolyst Specialty Catalysts can provide tangible value to partners in terms of profits, product development and improvements. They will benefit from our market intelligence, global sales network, production experience, best practices and knowledge and technology transfer. Together, we can strengthen our reputation for quality by producing zeolite catalysts that meet our customers' requirements and by providing services that fulfil their expectations.