Our Philosophy

Millions of Possibilities for Specialty Zeolites
Imagination, innovation, responsiveness, a full range of standard products, the ability to develop and manufacture custom products – these are the qualities that you should expect from a total resource for zeolite powders, catalysts, and adsorbents. And these are what you will get from Zeolyst International.

At Zeolyst International, we look at zeolites from a different point of view – an applications point of view. We don't invent a new zeolite type and try to find a use or a market for it. Rather, we identify a customer's need and develop a zeolite that will satisfy that need. And we deliver quickly, efficiently, and with precision. All of our zeolites – standard powders, catalysts, custom products – can be produced on a global scale at a competitive price. We can take your ideas or requirements and supply the right zeolite, one that will help you maximize your business success.

If you know the zeolite product you need, you can find it though our product or industry listings. If you're not sure, use our search function. But in any case, do call us. We'll be glad to assist you in every way possible to find the perfect zeolite for your application.