About Zeolyst

About Zeolyst - One Company. Specialty Zeolites.
Since its inception in 1988, Zeolyst International has emerged as a global leader in the disciplines of zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents
Zeolyst at a glance
We continually strengthen our reputation and organisation to offer our customers the best commercial and specialized zeolite powders, catalysts, and adsorbents available worldwide.
Our philosophy
Imagination, innovation, responsiveness, a full range of standard products, the ability to develop and manufacture custom products – these are the qualities that you should expect.
Zeolyst has world-class manufacturing plants in both the US and the Netherlands.
Research & Development
For a zeolite supplier, R&D is the vital link to the 21st century.
Customer Service
All of our marketing representatives are experienced technical personnel with extensive knowledge of our products and services.
Quality Assurance
We have built our business through a commitment to helping our customers succeed in their own businesses.
Zeolyst International has many years of experience producing proprietary materials and follows industry accepted standards for maintaining customer confidentiality regarding all aspects of a project.

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